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Top Spinner Blitz

Top spinner Blitz is great fun filled game for players love to play cricket as batsman. This game is not only fun to play but also offer good chance to practice different batting techniques. In this game player has to face balls thrown by machine and batsman has to hit every ball with bat in his hand in kung fu like stance.

You can control your bat with help of mouse easily. As player you will be positioned at left side of screen and machine will throw balls at you from right side of screen. You need to time your swings according to your balls and you can hit ball with pointer of your mouse. If you are able to hit ball at top part of wall you can earn 6 points for your game.  If you are able to hit your balls continuously in row you can increase your score to great extent. So for maximum score you need to keep striking balls without missing them. To earn maximum score you will be provided limited time. With chain hits you can acquire multipliers to enhance your score. For multiball option you have to chain 3 times. You can control this game conveniently with mouse. 

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