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Stick Cricket

Stick Cricket is great online sports game available for fans of cricket. In this online game you will find best international teams fighting for victory in one day cricket game. As player you will represent English cricket team and you have to beat the scores of opposite team within limited defined over. You will play this game from perspective of third person and have complete control over game. For swings you can control with help of W, A or D keys at keyboard or alternatively you can also use right, left or up arrow keys. These keys offer different types of swings to players.

You can choose swing according to direction of your ball. Like, if direction of your ball is right you can use key with right arrow which will give you effective shot to hot ball at long distance. Similarly if your ball is coming straight you can use up arrow key. If you do not want to use swing you can also use duck action. You should always use swing carefully as your miss can result in stump and opponent team can also catch out you. If swings played carefully you can also score 6 easily. When you beat score of opponent team you can win this game and enjoy best time playing stick cricket.

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